International shipping from Beypore soon


With the Customs Department’s decision to introduce Electronic Data Interface (EDI) clearance facility, the Beypore port will soon resume its international container shipping operations, inviting local importers who were heavily dependent on other ports for their business operations till now. Next month, two international containers from China will reach the Beypore port.

Munshid Ali, an importer and member of the Beypore Port Advisory Council, says the beginning of international container shipping at Beypore port will benefit local importers. Of the two containers despatched from Shanghai, one is for Mr. Ali's company. Port authorities said five container shipping companies were exploring the possibility of setting up operations at Beypore. The building for EDI clearance, now offered through Karipur International Airport, would be ready for operation by February end, they said.

The development of the port under various coastal shipping promotional programmes has been part of the 1,000 days of special development project by the Left Democratic Front-led government in Kerala. A master plan addressing all the major development concerns of the port too is under the active consideration for the State government, they said.

Similarly, a separate Rs. 400-crore project for improving the city’s road connectivity to Beypore port too is under the consideration of the Union government. The 18.5-km road beginning from Malaparamba and linking both NH 66 and NH 766 will be realised under the Bharatmala Pariyojana Project. It has already been approved by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The work will begin only after the finalisation of the suitable alignment and other ground work by the State government.

To discuss the other development priorities and needs, officials representing the Kerala Maritime Board, Customs, prominent liner operators, customs house agents, steamer agents, and importers’ representatives held an interactive meeting in Kochi on Wednesday on “Vision Beypore Port-2030: New possibilities of trade”. Officials from Beypore port attended the meeting.